Eggless Cakes

Butterscotch Delight

Always and Forever Delight! This three layered moist and smooth cake filled with butterscotch chips .....

Expected Delivery : 6 Hours.
Choco Scotch Sensation

This lovely crunch cake is one enticing sweet course! Prepared with three cream-filled layers of mus.....

Expected Delivery : 6 Hours.
Choco Trufa

A tempting delicacy to stimulate your appetite, this cake is a masterpiece of chocolate-perfect for .....

Expected Delivery : 6 Hours.
Choco Truffle Cake

Surprise your loved one with this amazing 500 gm Heart Shaped Chocolate Truffle Cake. This yummy del.....

Expected Delivery : 6 Hours.
Chocolate Raspberry Cake

Buy Chocolate Raspberry Cake OnlineChocolate Raspberry Cake - Generous raspberry indulgence bal.....

Expected Delivery : 12 Hours.
Double Trouble

Buy Double Trouble - Chocolate Vanilla Cake OnlineChocolate Vanilla Cake - Lose yourself in the rich.....

Expected Delivery : 6 Hours.
Fruitsy Joy

The little wonder combines the goodness of fresh orange, kiwi, cherry, pineapple and pomegranate in .....

Expected Delivery : 6 Hours.
Good Morning Heaven

Coffee Chocolate Cake - You dreamt coffee and you have it. Here is a yummy treat from florastem for .....

Expected Delivery : 6 Hours.
Kiwi Fruit Cake

Buy Kiwi Fruit Cake OnlineThe tangy flavor of fresh kiwi makes a refreshing addition to a wonderful .....

Expected Delivery : 6 Hours.
Mocha Cheers

Buy Mocha Cake OnlineUp for grabs is a comfort cake which perfectly combines chocolate and coffee. N.....

Expected Delivery : 6 Hours.
Nougatine Cream

Buy Sponge Cake with Nougatine & Custard CreamDelicious layered sponge cake made with layers of .....

Expected Delivery : Today
Pineapple Cake

Buy Pineapple Cake OnlineThis delicious Pineapple Cake of size 500 gm. A classic choice for everyone.....

Expected Delivery : Today
Pure Perfection

Beyond doubt, this 3 tier elegant and royal delicacy has the ‘WOW’ factor that can turn the special .....

Expected Delivery : 6 Hours.
Red Velvet Cake

Buy Cream Cheese Chocolate Cake OnlineThis one is a southern classic! With a mild chocolate flavour .....

Expected Delivery : 6 Hours.
The Nutsy Coffee cake

Buy Coffee Cake with Nuts OnlineWith cream whipped perfectly, this coffee rimmed cake would stand as.....

Expected Delivery : 6 Hours.
Vanilla Cake

Buy Vanilla Cake OnlineCheesy Red vanilla cake with white chocolate flakes. Peopl.....

Expected Delivery : 12 Hours.